We will work hand in hand with the hotel owner and staff to build your most valuable asset.

  • Emotional Bonds with the Guests, to build brand loyalty one transaction at a time.
  • Corporate Identity Manual. This is a most necessary requirement for creating the desired brand image and the unique identity that will help to position your company as the premiere hotel company you will become.
  • Personal: – Develop processes to help you know your guests; their names, their jobs and their families. To help you acknowledge them for their patronage and reward their loyalty.
  • Value Driven: – We will help you decide on the single driving value you are prepared to walk every time in support of your brand.
  • Authentic: – Everything in your branded experience is ‘of a piece’ and reflects who you are.
  • Consistent: – your brand story runs throughout every aspect of your business, like blood flows from head to toe. Any part that is left out of that story eventually dies and can threaten the health of the entire enterprise.
  • Right Management Team: a team that focuses on building the hotels, defining your service standards and culture and on all other operational aspects of the business.
  • Differentiates yourselves from your competitors.