Asset Management

Hotel and Asset Management

Vietnam Hotel Group “VHG” is a full-service management company involved with the management of properties from suburban hotels to luxury boutique urban hotels and resorts. Our corporate role is to maximize the performance of its properties. In many ways, the property is our customer. Vietnam Hotel Group “VHG” believes that effective hotel management must be accomplished at the property management level while being monitored, supported and managed through corporate efforts. Corporate must select and develop an exceptional property management team and manage their efforts. Our management style focuses on management by objectives, not the traditional command and control. Our value-driven approach is evidenced by a strong, almost fanatical corporate culture dedicated to generating the best people, the finest bran, and an efficient cost effective process.

Asset Management

Vietnam Hospitality Group “VHG” asset management expertise completes the “cycle of success” with
internal systems and processes designed to drive industry-leading financial performance on a consistent basis.


By monitoring internal consistency in-house, Vietnam Hotel Group “VHG” provides resources and
technical expertise to maximize hotel operating and financial performance. Ongoing strategic development
planning enables us to balance our owner’s portfolio risk/return levels in order to achieve superior long-term
investment returns while mitigating financial risk.

Benchmarking for High Performance

To remain on target, we continually benchmark our results against the top 20 percent of leading industry
operational results. Our long-term success is achieved by focusing on key indicators, such as guest satisfaction
scores, market share premiums, operational purchasing initiative, property tax appeals, and insurance – all of
which drive our industry-leading profit margins and investment returns.


Enhanced Asset Life Cycle

Vietnam Hotel Group “VHG” is able to extend the useful lives of our tangible assets through effective preventive maintenance and capital renovation programs. Long-range capital planning models provide owners with the ability to take a proactive role in managing capital investments to make the most productive use of their investment dollars. Additionally, our in-house procurement ability eliminates the need for third-party services.

Some of the specific functions that are performed by Vietnam Hotel Group “VHG” when performing in the asset management capacity are as follows:

Financial and Operational performance

  • Review of actual performance versus budget and prior year
  • Benchmark versus comparable properties
  • Review of rolling forecasts and business on the books
  • Monitor effectiveness of revenue capture and cost control
  • Monitor all charges from the management company
  • Monitor sales and marketing activity
  • Monitor channel delivery and cost per booking by channel
  • Monitor balance sheet and working capital requirements

Competitive Environment Monitoring

  • Monitor market rate, occupancy and RevPAR trends
  • Monitor key demand generators by market
  • Monitor planned supply additions
  • Monitor refurbishment and expansion activity at competitor properties
  • Monitor all pricing and distribution activity at competitor properties

Asset Monitoring

  • Monitor physical condition and anticipated capital expenditure requirement
  • Ensure legal compliance with all relevant legislation, including licensing and health and safety
  • Monitor all major systems for quality and suitability – HVAC, PMS, Telephone, Internet, TV/Video and all
    relevant interfaces
  • Review and advise upon all contracts with third parties with particular regard to leases and material
  • Monitor all refurbishment and expansion activity
  • Review and approve all insurance policies
  • Review all real estate tax assessments and organize appeals as appropriate

Oversight of Budget Processes

  • Communicate ownership expectations to the management company
  • Review proposed budgets, marketing plans and capital expenditure plans appropriateness in the
    context of market conditions and owner’s requirements
  • Facilitate review and approval process

Advice on Optimum Investment Strategies

  • Conduct annual review in comparison with initial investment objectives
  • Estimate market value and evaluate alternative strategies such as further investment or expansion
    versus continued ownership
  • Monitor trends in asset financing

Operator / Franchise Oversight

  • Monitor ongoing performance and contractual compliance
  • Scrutinize all charges for contractual compliance
  • Evaluate system deliver, CRS performance, web performance over strengths and weaknesses